Challenge Partners Hub

Shared Horizon Hub Action Plan 2023/24

Hub name:

Shared Horizons (London Borders Special and AP)

Hub Manager names:

Louise Kimber and Jacky Fitzgerald

Allocated Hub Funding:


Hub meeting dates* (one per term):

11th December 2023, 5th March 2024, 2nd May 2024, 2nd July 2024 (timing for each meeting: 10am to 12.30pm)


Strategic intent: To improve the quality of teaching and learning, leadership and collaboration across all schools and to ensure that schools are in as positive a position as possible to implement a recovery curriculum, and continue to have a positive impact on the life chances of all children.

Hub priorities

Activity proposed and date set

Activity cost
(hub funding allocated)

Schools in hub eligible to participate

Impact expected (what does good look like)


Impact achieved

Schools in hub that participated

Actual costs

Develop shared understanding of workforce strategy and development


Travel costs per school

All schools

Shared understanding of workforce development to support delivery of strong outcomes for all pupils (includes growing leaders of the future)

Observed Drumbeat’s PD process and discussed process, merits etc.

Shared schools’ documentation for discussion. Agreed to hold a focussed session in July to discuss workforce development/EDI with outside facilitator.



The Avenue


Drumbeat schools

College Park




Develop quality of teaching/learning and leadership across the partnership

Use of learning forums focusing on T and L and Leadership.

April 2024 – July 2024

Travel cost per school

All schools

Individual teachers to attend specific sessions relevant to them. Strategic application by head teachers to support consistency of quality delivery of phonics/reading in their schools.




Improve outcomes for all students with complex needs in all schools within our alliance / hub (specific focus on phonics and reading)

3 x Teacher/literacy lead meetings across the hub

March – July 2024



£500 (prep time for literacy leads presenting on this)

All schools








Agreed working groups to be set up to organise these QA/literacy focus meetings. One per half term



Literacy leads have shared practice in initial meeting and Castlebar visited Manor to observe practice in action and have revised approach in direct relation to practice observed (this is ongoing until end of summer term)

All Hub schools


Improve understanding of Preparing for adulthood for pupils with neurodiversity (conference)

Half day conference (9am to 12.30pm) – 6th July 2024

£50 per school

All Schools

Deepen understanding of ADHD/ASD needs when preparing for adulthood (external speakers to share experiences)

Conference to be held at The Avenue School on 6th July 2024 – all schools able to invite others (staff and parents) to attend (Focus of conference on Neurodiversity; preparing for adulthood)

All Hub schools have signed up to attend


Speakers EDI to support schools in developing their EDI strategies

 EDI leaders in this fields for hub to learn from experts when developing their EDI strategies and policies (Talent Architects to present).

2nd July 2024


All Schools

Identify people with specific expertise to come to the Hub meetings and deliver best practice around these areas.