ECT SEND Professional Development Programme

The Rise Partnership Trust provide a unique opportunity for Primary ECTs to engage in additional training designed to promote inclusive practice with a particular focus on supporting pupils with SEND.

ECT Training Programme: Total cost £400

Session 1: The Inclusive Practitioner

Introducing the role of the teacher in an inclusive classroom. Personalising learning, adapting the environment, establishing a positive climate, and setting meaningful targets.

Session 2: Promoting Engagement and Communication

Introducing the 5 lenses of the Engagement Model. Learn why it is important to prioritise engagement within the classroom and its impact on the wider curriculum; identify key factors that may affect pupil engagement. Introducing the requesting repertoire and understanding its importance in developing communication. Strategies for teaching pupils a verbal repertoire (vocal communication and AAC).

Session 3: Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support

What is Positive Behavioural Support? Explore environmental factors that may affect an individual’s behaviour. Discover ways in which to gather information and understand why a behaviour of concern may be occurring. Identify, safe, alternative behaviours that will allow an individual to express and get their needs met. Learn strategies to support individuals that may engage in behaviours that challenge at all stages of conflict.

Session 4: Maths

How to support the development of early numeracy skills for all learners including those with SEND. Become familiar with the research and theory behind the steps in children’s development of early numeracy skills. Explore approaches, activities and resources that can effectively support the development of such skills. Practise identifying gaps in the development of early numeracy skills and reflect on how these can be addressed.

Session 5: Literacy

How to support the development of early literacy skills for all learners including those with SEND. To understand the importance of early reading skills, including phonics. Explore activities, resources and adaptive approaches that can effectively support the development of early reading and writing skills for pupils with SEND.

Session 6: Embedding Therapeutic Approaches

How to embed therapeutic approaches to support: pupil engagement, participation, access to the curriculum and development of functional skills

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